You will be asked to fill various needs within an organization. Troubleshooting is not like throwing darts. It is a methodical process based on what you know about computer issues and behaviors. Please answer all of the following issues.

  1. My computer made a screaming noise like a girl on a roller coaster. Now it will not turn on. What happened to the computer? Was that its death scream? Do all computers do this after a year of use? What are possible causes? How will you address the issue?
  2. I was about to shut down this computer yesterday, an error popped out “There is another user logging onto this computer. If you shut it down will cause them to lose data.” I’m afraid to shutdown my computer because someone else is using it. Who is on my computer? How do you handle this request?
  3. One of your clients brings their laptop to you and says it seems really hot on the bottom. Explain some of the possible causes. How do you handle this request?






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