Which college had the first women’s studies

Which college had the first women’s studies program? a. Spellman College b. Boston University c. San Diego State University d. Columbia University5. Which of the following statements about Margaret Sanger is true a. She had equal concern for all women b. She thought poor women should be sterilized c. She though abortions should be free for all women d. She was concerned mainly with poor and minority women6. Which best defines the social constructionist position of human sexual orientation? a. human sexual orientations come from the social and cultural messages learned over the course of a lifetime. b. human sexual orientations are predetermined at birth c. human sexual orientations are based on the genitalia you are born with. d. Both (b) and (c)7. Which is not one of the five sexes suggested in 1993 by Fautso-Sterling? a. Herms b. Terms c. Merms d. Ferms8. According to a Brown University Study approximately what percent of babies are born as intersexual? a. 10.2 percent b. 3.6 percent c. 1.7 percent d. .64 percent9. Which is the most commonly practiced form of FGM? a. circumcision b. clitorectomy c. excision d. infibulation10. Which of the following is not a reason why some cultures practice FGM? a. It reduces sexual desires b. It will help to maintain virginity until marriage c. Men prefer women who have undergone the procedure d. It is believed to help with fertility11. Which of the following prohibited Medicaid to be used for abortions? a. the Hyde Amendment b. The Welfare Reform Act c. The Comstock Act d. The Roe Amendment12. Eugenics is the practice and belief that: a. All people have the right to reproduce b. Only certain groups should reproduce c. Birth control should be universally available d. Voluntary motherhood should be a right of all women13. Which of the following focused on fathers having to provide child support whether they were married to the mother or not. a. Aid to Dependent Children Program b. The New Deal c. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act d. None of the above14. Which African Country elected the first female president of an African county? a. Nigeria b. Kenya c. Zimbabwe d. Liberia






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