PowerPoint presentations should not be over 10MB

PowerPoint slideshows have to be professionally prepared (PowerPoint presentations should not be over 10MB). They should include narration which should be recorded as a slideshow and submitted.Submit your slideshows with narration. Your slideshows will be graded according to the Trident Oral Communication Rubric (TUI 2015).No citations and formal bibliography are necessary for Case 4.Case General ExpectationsIn the Case Assignments students will assume the role of a Manager in Employee Communications at a large service firm such as a bank or an advertising or consulting firm. Students will assume this role throughout the Case Assignments and be challenged with different scenarios requiring written and verbal communication. and part two is!Your submission should include a well-written resume and cover letter. These documents should apply what you have learned in the course. Both are to be formally written in a professional way. Please use proper English. Your resume and letter will be graded on overall effectiveness and how much and how well you applied ideas from the readings. This includes their ability to generate goodwill and convince your prospective employer on your strengths while preventing potential negative impressions. Achieving these would make a compelling case for your application and hence give you an opportunity to be interviewed.No citations and formal bibliography are necessary for SLP 4.SLP General ExpectationsFor the SLPs students are expected to play a role as themselves in the job market. You are to identify a job that interests you in Module 1. The SLPs will take you through the job search and application process presenting you in different scenarios requiring you to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and professionally.

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