Policy Critique Presentation In preparation of the final assignment where you have an opportunity to design organizational policy, you will evaluate organizational policies designed to foster and enhance family-friendly, diverse, or woman- and minority-friendly relations. Select a company’s organizational policies for critique then create a multimedia presentation for company leaders that presents the benefits, drawbacks, and recommendations for their current policies. As you evaluate the policies, be sure to reference scholarly work to support the integration of the following: sociological theories of work the experiences and effects of policies on disenfranchised groups the need to sustainably support and leverage the talent of employees Prepare a presentation that you could deliver to the Board of Directors in 5-7 minutes. Be sure to properly cite all sources and use slide notes to include the script that accompanies the slides. Feel free to be creative in how you choose to deliver the presentation. It could be a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation using slide notes to include the script that accompanies the slides; compose a full script; develop notes for index cards; and other options as approved by your instructor.






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