Third wave feminists reject the claim that all women

15. True or False Third wave feminists reject the claim that all women share a common universal experience 16. True or False Your gender identity is based on your biological sex.17. True or False Male bodies are more vulnerable to manipulation than are female bodies.18. True or False Margaret Sanger was pro-choice. 19. True or False Economic abuse is a form of domestic violence.20. True or False As women age their sexual desire decreases.21. True or False In the U.S. welfare is most often associated with single mothers.22. True or False Infibulation is the most drastic form of FGM.23. True or False FGM is performed immediately after puberty. 24. True or False As late as the 1970’s government funded clinics sterilized young women of color. 25. True or False Women earned the right to vote in 1920. 26. True or False Patriarchal systems see the family and the state as similar institutions 27. True or False Kimmel believes that privilege is most visible to those who have it. 28. True or False The 15th Amendment guaranteed women the right to vote.






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