Professional MBA Personal Statement for University of Georgia Terry College of Business

Professional MBA Personal Statement for University of Georgia Terry College of Business

Before applying to Terry College of Business (TCB), I looked at four other graduate programs from other Universities and I applied to TCB because of the program flexibility, faculty, and students. In a couple of weeks, it will be easy to establish who in our class has expertise in certain areas. Some classmates will be better in finance, marketing, and management and we will help each other academically. The professors are intriguing, incredible, enjoyable, challenging, and they always respond when a student reaches out to them. I’ll enjoy interacting and learning from the faculty. The return on Investment from the course will be more personal, more credentialing myself, which is something that I have always wanted to do. The experience will also spur me to pursue a Doctorate. Diversity of thought will help me to become an even better leader to lead my company into the future. With hard work, education, and perseverance, I will succeed.

By pursuing my Professional MBA at TCB, I will save lots of time since I can graduate within 24 months if all goes well. The TCB cohort program will enable me to be familiar with my acquaintances in class and increase my professional contacts and network. I will be able to complete my Professional MBA at Terry without deferring my day job. The program will transform and make me a strong leader in the new frontier who understands how business works. Through its real-world applications with rigorous academic challenges, the program will mold me into a thoughtful, well rounded, and highly equipped leader. I’ll learn how to apply the theories in the real world. The technology used in class is built to encourage collaboration whether its group work or discussions. It is useful in solving problems and transfer that into the workforce. The advanced technology, collaborative learning model, and a strategic location are an irresistible combination.

I want to contribute to the economic engine of our nation and beyond. I’ll be able to meet leaders in the community where I’ll be studying. I’ll also get mentors with whom I’ll work with in the future. The TCB nurtures leaders who guide the right future. I would like to contribute to solving problems in the business environment in the 21st century. It’s safe to say that a young, dynamic, educated and world-class workforce will be indispensable. Technology is dramatic and competition is fierce. The faculty works arm in arm with the students to prepare them into the future leaders needed to contribute to the enduring global competitiveness of our nation.       

The MBA will hone and improve my skills in analysis. This is will enable me to analyze circumstances in the business environment even before they manifest. During crises such as Covid-19 which has caused a global financial crisis, I’ll be able to change focus to increase and change organizational strategies. I’ll also be able to learn leadership skills, sustainability, business ethics, and change management. The Professional MBA will increase my commitment to the business environment since the program demands plenty of energy and time. This program is one of the most demanding globally, and by completing it, I will have applied and shown my standards of performance.    

I look forward to interacting with the award-winning faculty comprised of distinguished academicians such as Professor Stephen P. Baginski. I read some of his publications such as the research article he co-authored titled: “The Effect of Legal Environment on Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Management Earnings Forecasts Issued in U.S. and Canadian Markets”. I was also lucky to have read some of Professor Chris Cornwell’s publications such as “Noncognitive Skills and the Gender Disparities in Test Scores and Teacher Assessments”. Recently, I read Professor Mike Pfarrer’s publication titled “Crises and crisis management: Integration, interpretation, and research development”. Meeting all these scholars and learning from them firsthand will be a dream come true. My communication skills will also be honed. In my career, it is vital to show my concepts and information in a way that is easy to understand. The TCB graduate degree will be a solid foundation for a successful career. The program will help me fulfill my lifelong dreams.   






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