Nashville BIOLOGY 604 – Draw or describe an ecosystem

The following questions for you to answer are to prepare you for the types of questions encountered on exams. Please upload the answers to your instructor by the appropriate due date. 1. Draw or describe an ecosystem of your choice. Include in your answer all the biotic and abiotic components that would be part of your particular ecosystem. Also include a specific example of a biotic interaction that would influence the community structure in your ecosystem. 2. Explain why there would be more energy available to feed the human population if everyone was a vegetarian. 3. Discuss the molecule ozone and its role as being both beneficial and harmful to our health. 4. Provide a variety of examples to illustrate how plants and animals defend themselves. 5. Explain density dependent and density independent factors and provide at least two different examples of each. 6. Provide a plausible explanation to describe how a carbon atom from a corn plant in Iowa could end up as a sugar molecule in your body and later be traced to a tree in Colorado. 7. Explain how the burning of fossil fuels could result in a rise in the temperature of the global environment. 8. Name an endangered species. Why is it becoming endangered and what effects could losing that species have on the ecosystem in which it lives? 9. Is the human population subject to the constraints of environmental resistance factors? Explain. 10. How are biomes determined? Where do you live? What biome would best describe that location? Discuss the annual moisture levels temperature range and typical vegetation and animal assemblages that are found in that particular biome. If you fax any portion of this assignment please put your name and your instructor’s name on each page.






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