I became interested in Human Resources education through my involvement in various techniques of human resources and management planning of strategic marketing when I was a post-graduate student at the University of East Anglia. I combined my strength in interpersonal skills with my academic strength in sciences and then identified a specific graduate course that can help me achieve my goal. I am fascinated by the units in this programs’ course outline, such as Strategic Reward: Key models and Practices, and leadership in organizations: Theory and practice. Specifically, I would like to use my mathematics problem-solving skills and analytical skills in classes such as Strategies and policies in the management of human resources and organizational behavior.          

The program will give me the chance to gain helpful experience and contacts of people in my industry and enable me to see things as they are in autonomous consulting projects with a client from outside my organization through some of your numerous schemes. I will be able to put my learning into practice during the program and projects with renowned clients. It will also give me a chance to grow my knowledge in the ever-changing relationship between labor forces, international institutions, and employing organizations.    

I’m expecting a Second Class Honours (Upper Division) for my MSc Marketing and Management. Writing my Master’s thesis gave mee an opportunity to become well acquainted with research skills. These skills will help me when completing assignments or thesis for this program. My knowledge of labor relations, dealing with clients, employers, and employees have been informed by an array of courses I took on the same, and attending graduate seminars. The few months I’ve been away from school due to the restrictions placed after an outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic have afforded me the time to recover from the in-depth graduate education, gain some new outlook and work on fulfilling the requirements to graduate with my MSc. In Marketing and Management.

I would like to learn the foundational theories and grow my skills in critically analyzing top-level labor relations, for example, a wide range of issues raised by workforces, employers, policy-makers, together with other representative bodies such as civil society groups, public agencies, employer associations and trade unions.           

I selected this university due to its excellent reputation, famous academic greatness, great industry connections, and manageable postgraduate studies. I intend to be part of a notable institution like yours. I trust that the appropriate education in a proper institution will open more opportunities for me to advance at Ph.D. level.   I would like to learn the major trends in managing human resources. I look forward to engaging with the faculty such as Professor Connson Locke who teaches decision making, negotiation, organization behavior, and leadership. I also intend to meet Dr. Mariana Bogdanova and gain immense knowledge from her works in research techniques that advance innovation and creativity, for instance, reflective and visual techniques.         

I am a graduate of BA (Hons) Media and Communications from the University of Sussex. My graduate degree in media equipped me with a firm foundation as well as reinforced me with exceptional communication skills, individual communication besides organizational communication skills, keeping in mind that the significance of effective communication in the corporate environment can’t be overstressed. My goal is to pursue a Doctorate at your institution and become an accomplished scholar.   

I am ready to work hard. I am also determined to cope with the workloads of my course and further it to the Doctorate level. My previous experience in my current Masters will go along way in preparing me for the academic task ahead. I will balance my time and workload.  I am interested in doing research and encouraging my classmates to work harder in school.

I will make the program a better one. Outside the classroom, I have an idea to start a new recycling program that will assist the college by encouraging students not to litter. My research and teaching work will benefit my department. As a graduate in your program, I will be an ambassador for the university and the program, since your Degree Certificates will be produced in interviews and hanged on my wall, representing them.      

I am passionate about balancing relationships between employees, leaders, and employers. The program offered by this university looms large in my mind due to its exceptional faculty and interdisciplinary way of approaching Human Resource education. Besides, the university provides me with an ideal climate to grow my cross-disciplinary interests.

I am keen to take this program since I am interested in the function it plays in accomplishing organizational objectives and goals, the most crucial one being recruiting and training the most outstanding employees, and dealing with aspects related to performance. I completed my first graduate degree and I am in the process of completing my second graduate Degree. I am passionate about improving human relations at the work place. I would like to be qualified in careers in international organizations (such as the International Labour Organisation), labor and government organizations, and employment relations. I would also like to further my profession at Ph.D. level. The program will equip me with relevant skills so that I can be able to help my colleagues relate better with each other at all levels. I will be able to manage people and human resources. I will also gain valuable contacts with people in my industry when applying my learning.

I am applying to your institution because it has a dissertation which my current degree does not have before graduation which provides opportunities to do more research. After communicated with my academic advisor- Dr. Jonathan Wilson about my future career, I figured out I am more interested in Human Resource / Marketing positions rather than direct selling. Last semester, I did a unit titled Human Resource and People Organisations, which taught me knowledge about how to balance relationships among employees, leaders, and the organization itself which I think is very helpful for starting my career after graduation. I am eager to bring positive impact on humanity in general, and this course will be a launching pad to greater achievements.   






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