Introduction: This course includes a staged project in which you will evaluate a public policy as identified in the Staged Project 1: Proposal. This project should involve interviewing those affected by the policy. This will reveal gaps between the public agency and the public and prepare you for applying the public value scorecard. By Module 3 you should conduct the interview(s) and summarize your findings. Instructions: As part of your public policy evaluation, you are expected to interview a member of the community impacted by the policy or representatives of a community group impacted by the policy. Summarize your interview here. Your summary should include: Who you interviewed and their position in the community impacted by the policy. The context of the interview, such as time, date, and place What was discussed in the interview. Significant findings or responses from the interviewee. Your reflections on the interview, including how it informs your view of the policy you are examining. A list of the questions you asked. Submission: There is no set length for this component of the project, but expect the body of the summary to be three to four pages (750-1,000 words) in length.






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