HSC 1531 Guillaume Duchenneӳ a French neurologist

Neurology1-Guillaume Duchenneӳ a French neurologist (1806-1875) documented a disorder that develops in conjunction with syphilis. Describe the disorder.2-What is the difference between an expansive delusion and a nihilistic delusion?3-Define encephalomyeloradiculitis?4-What is bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease).5-Where is the glossopharyngeal cranial nerve?6-What virus is in the family of Lyssavirus? What is lyssophobia?7-Describe the three types of schizophrenia.8-Describe the neuropathy induced by a glue-sniffer.9-What is peyote?10-Describe the Babinskiӳ reflex named after the French neurologist Joseph Babinski(1857-1932).

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