Glycogen phosphorylase – releases glucose-1

Glycogen phosphorylase:releases glucose-1-phosphate from glycogenis activated by AMPexists in two forms phosphorylase a and phosphorylase bis inhibited by glucose-6-phosphateall of the aboveUse the half reactions and reduction potentials provided below to calculate the ?GoҠof :malate NAD ? oxaloacetate NADH H NAD H 2e- ? NADH (Eoҽ-0.320V)oxaloacetate 2H 2e-? malate (Eoҽ-0.175V)27.98 kJ/mol-95.52 kJ/mol95.52 kJ/mol-27.98 kJ/mol0.00 kJ/molHow many net ATP would be produced by glycolysis per glucose molecule in the absence of enolase?4102At 300 K the standard free energy for the hydrolysis of ATP to ADP (ATP H2O —> ADP Pi) is ?Gп = -31.0 kJ/mol. If the concentration of ATP ADP and Pi are 1 nM 0.4 mM and 0.9M the reaction:all of these are possiblegoes to the left (producing ATP)is in equilibriumwill never reach equilibriumgoes to the right (producing ADP)






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