Career Plan and Personal Essay

Career Plan and Personal Essay

             Before applying to the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), I searched for five other undergraduate programs from various Universities. I would like to study while working. I decided to request admission at BMCC due to the flexibility of the program. The Degree in Business will help me to gain business acumen and make a good analysis of the wardrobe styling career that I would like to start. The professional contacts and networks that I will gain will boost my online store business for selling cosmetics. The dynamic nature of the program will enable me to graduate without deferring my day job. Syncing the theories I learn in class with my businesses will mold me into a well-rounded and thoughtful leader. As a young and educated person with the relevant hands-on skills, I’ll be able to mentor my classmates and colleagues and our businesses will contribute to strengthening our nation’s dominance as a global financial hub. Bringing out the best in others will also help me transition from an introspective student to an astute one.           

            By interacting with the professors and students, I will benefit from a diversity of thought, which is essential for success in my career. I am also interested in interior design. The collaborative learning model of the business program will equip me with various skills that will help me achieve success in interior design. Skills such as creativity, identifying current and predicting future trends, effective communication skills, and knowledge of the most effective business practices will help me maintain relevance and demand in both career and business. The BMCC online library database has all the latest scholarly articles, eBooks, research guides, publications, borrowing and renewing books services, just to name a few, that will make my academic research easy. Since the online library is available on or off-campus, revising for exams, researching for projects and general reading will be much more convenient, fun, and easier. The use of this technology will also hone my computer and research skills.    

            I believe that the course will equip me with the skills to investigate, understand, interpret, and answer questions concerning some assumptions made in today’s business world. I will also learn how to adequately communicate using business prose and make decisions through an orderly, appraising, knowledge-based concept founded in morality and social accountability. Additionally., I will also be able to show awareness of recent happenings and tendencies in business not forgetting potential career paths in my areas of concern. Notwithstanding, I will be able to become proficient in skills that will enable me to work in relevant entry-level positions and advance my education. These opportunities will be a launching pad for future academic and career success. I hope that my family will benefit from the return on investment from this program in terms of long-term career satisfaction and salary, and I’ll also be able to prove my worth to the society.

            I look forward to interacting with the award-winning faculty comprised of distinguished academicians such as Professor Mahatapa Plalit. I read some of her publications for instance Looking in the Mirror of Inquiry: Knowledge in Our Students and in Ourselves that she co-authored with her colleagues. I was also lucky to have read some of Professor Nikolaos K Adamou’s publications, for instance God Remember All of us (or you) Textual Criticism in the Orthodox Liturgy. Meeting and engaging with all these scholars will be a dream come true. These challenging, enjoyable, incredible, and intriguing professors will increase my diversity of thought. I will use the BMCC environment as my laboratory to explore business theories and concepts. My experience in interior design, online store, and cosmetics careers will enable me to connect theoretical learning to on the ground real-world issues.                                  






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