Annotated Bibliography

Theme: Technology Topic: Perils of Social Networking English 135 / Essay Annotated Bibliography for [Your Title Here] נ The annotated bibliography will includesixannotated references נ To start your Annotated Bibliography write an introductory paragraph and to gain the attention of your reader and set the context for your research. Start with the attention-grabbing idea such as an anecdote or fact about your topic. Provide yourworking thesis statement that answers your research question and provides the direction of your argument. Make corrections to your working thesis נ The annotated bibliography will include six annotated references and is to include a summary paragraph that summarizes the source and the authorӳ main points and relevance to your research and the credibility reliability and timeliness of the source material. נ Start your assessment here: Next add your comment. How will you use the source? Does it define or explain the problem or issue? Support or contrast your thesis? Identify the section of your project where you could include your source. Avoid obvious ideas such as Դhis article was interesting and will be used in my paperԠor Դhis source will help me prove my ideas.ԠInstead be specific about where this sourcewill be used and which ideas it will help to prove. Do notcopy and paste anything; instead summarize ideas in your words Explain specifically the type of support that the source will provide and where it can be used in your project. Annotated Bibliography for (Title) 1. Put your first alphabetical reference herein correct APA format. Then: 2. Introductory paragraph and the thesis 3. Start the summary paragraph by stating the main points of the article here. Provide a high-level summary of the authorӳ main points and assess the credibility reliability and timeliness of the source. Then: 4. Start your assessment here: Then: Follow Step 1 for the second alphabetical references and step 2 3 and 4 until you have 6 total references with summary and the assessment

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