Academics in the modern society relies on technology

Students In this class there is an opportunity to earn up to 20 points extra credit. I provide the opportunity to students to help offset any minor errors that may occur during the semester although the class proceeds very smoothly for nearly everyone (your lowest quiz and test is also dropped for your benefit). This is just a reminder that you do have the opportunity to earn 20 points and you should be thinking about it sooner rather than later. Here are the details which can also be found in the syllabusBook/Chapter EvaluationIn this class you have an opportunity to write a report and try to earn up to 20 additional points which will be added to your final points for the semester. For the report you must compare and contrast Essentials of Biology 3rd edition (ISBN: 0073525510; our textbook) to that of Concepts of Biology (ISBN: 1938168119; a free eBook) published by Rice University. To obtain a free copy of Concepts of Biology in digital format go to Depending on the quality of the work students might earn anywhere from 0 (zero) to 20 points. For full credit type a minimum of three full pages in 12 point font Times New Roman and double-spaced. If you do not have Microsoft Word you can obtain an open source version for free (see OpenOffice or NeoOffice). Do not use a title for your paper provide class information my name or other unnecessary information. Simply include your name and page number in the header region and your three full pages.On the first page discuss your thoughts on free online textbooks. What colleges or universities are using them? How about classes at FHSU? Do you think our class would benefit from this textbook? What exposure have you had to electronic textbooks? You may also discuss the movement of education from printed textbooks to digitization of class material. Printed copies of Concepts of Biology are available at low cost so you can compare the prices of each textbook.On the second and third pages you must discuss the information (content) between the textbooks the usefulness or clarity of the images/diagrams the links/outside resources that each textbook offers etc. To make the assignment more pleasurable you may focus on a single chapter of your choice or specific parts of different chapters. Stay true to the mission of the second and third pages which is to compare the quality and content of the two books.






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