In this lesson, you will run a correlation between the resting and after exercising heart rates to determine if a linear relationship exists between the two variables and how strong the relationship is. Steps Open the Heart Rate Dataset in Excel and identify the X-variable (resting heart rates for all 200 participants) and the Y-variable (after exercise heart rates for all 200 participants).Use the Scatter Plot function in the Insert Charts section of Excel to create a scatter plot of the X and Y variables Add a trendline to the scatter plot Use the Data Analysis tools in Excel to find the regression equation. In a Word document, describe the relationship between the X-variable (resting heart rate)and the Y-variable (after exercise heart rate). Graph the scatter plot with a trend line. Does it appear there is a linear relationship? What does this mean?Calculate the correlation coefficient r using excel.Is this r (value) high compared to +1? Based on the correlation coefficient is the relationship strong? Use excel to find the regression equation. Identify the slope. Identify the slope. What does it tell us in terms of our heart rate data?

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